Friday, July 28, 2006

Jim Dinning donated $25 000 to the Liberal Party Mistakenly in 2002 - It was really meant for Paul Martin!

From Inkless Wells {Link}Paper trail

Further to your conversation with Steve Snyder, I am pleased to provide you TransAlta's support for Project 2000.

On a personal note, I worry that our governments across the country have become a 'hotbed of rest' and I can only hope that Mr. Martin and others might be able to re-inject a sense of urgency, passion and priority into the affairs of our nation. Soon.

Kind personal regards,

Jim Dinning
Executive Vice President
Sustainable Development and External Relations

- Jim Dinning, on the letter included with his donation of $25 000 to the Martin Leadership campaign.

So, are we really supposed to believe Jimmy D isn't Alberta's Paul Martin, or even worse John Turner?

Edit: The Fiberals seem to be all over this to. Read this exchange over at Liberal Pebbles between her(I assume) and a Dinnite. And read the full articles from LexisNexis which she pulled. Must be a high powered lawyer to have access to Lexis... I think this has legs....


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